Between a rock and a hard place, again!

There’s been no progress on GPS routing in the last few days.

For RPi B3 performance reasons, I’m limited to down-facing video resolution of 320 x 320 pixels @ 10fps.  That rules out flying on the back lawn; only the gravel drive in sunshine* will do.  On the plus side, there’s a lot less clutter and more space on the drive once my wife’s gone to work in the morning.  On the downside, any negative flight result results in broken props.



I’ve only recently swapped from the T-motor CF to T-Motors white beechwood props, based on price, looks and sturdiness.  And this week, I’ve found out that the lovely white beechwoods are out of production.  It turns out I’d bought the UK’s stock last month, and, as a result, I’ve bought Germany’s (perhaps the EU’s) leftover stock this week.  As a result, these white props are in safe storage for show-and-tell at the Cotswold Raspberry Jam only; for testing, I’ve found these XOAR 12×4 beechwood props that are nearly identical, except they come in beechwood brown unsurprisingly.

These new props, combined with improved code changes have been tested, and as a result, GitHub has been updated.

Time now to finally get on with GPS routing, weather permitting – the forecast says rain for a week 🙁

*I am strongly considering adding down-facing bright LED lighting to Hermione so that flying conditions are not so significantly limited by weather conditions.

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