Better macro-block tracking

With a more careful test this morning, here’s what I got.

Video macro-block tracking

Video macro-block tracking

This is at least as good as the PX4FLOW, so that’s now shelved, and testing will continue with the Raspberry Pi Camera.  I upgraded the camera to the new version for this test, as that what I’ll be installing on Hermione.

The cross of the diagonal and vertical should have happened lower so that the diagnonals to the right of the vertical overlapped – these are the exit from and reentry to the house from the garden.  There are multiple possible reasons for this, and because this is now my code, I can play to resolve the offset; something I simply couldn’t do with PX4FLOW and its offsets.

Next step is to sort out the units, including which direction the camera X and Y are facing in comparison with how Hermione’s X and Y from the accelerometer and gyro are facing.

One thought on “Better macro-block tracking

  1. Nice work!
    I can’t test flight those month because G20 meeting government forbidden any aerocraft flight.
    I’ll continue after G20.

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