Behemoth’s Baby Bro’

Behemoth's Baby Bro'

Behemoth’s Baby Bro’

At the moment, BBB only supports a single line input (red wires), but in the next (and final) revision, I’ll solder the other lines inputs on (orange and yellow wires), and add the RIAA pre-amp into the gap by the XLR connector (blue wires), but first I need to rework the PCB: space in the box is tighter than I’d expected.  Also there’s some minor drilling errors on the rear panel that I’d like to tighten up, and there’s a batch of new knobs on the way, which I hope will make him look a bit more professional.

BBB's insides

BBB’s insides

First trials suggests she sounds great, particularly how little she cost compared to Behemoth and her Chord SPM 600 power amp, the sale of which funded most of this project.

And best of all, the road-block with Phoebe and Chloe has been lifted by an article I found yesterday which will enhance the accuracy of angles (download Refining Euler angle precision and have a look at sections 2.1 onwards for a spoiler).  I’ll post more details once I’ve updated and tested the code.

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