Back on track

Finally, with the new motors, blades, arm and legs, things are back on track.

3 test flights today aiming to find an average ‘hover’ speed.  Only inner most angular rate PID engaged, so there was drift due to the drift of the integrated gyro.  My first flight was once more scary as it also shot up into the sky because the vertical speed PID tried to undo the excessive vertical power applied my guesstimate of the default hover speed (but note not the manic rise that “Scary, very scary” revealed)

The average hover speed is now about 1550us pulse width suggesting these new 1045 carbon props are much more powerful than the 1150’s I had – they are broader and therefore more aerofoil surface area, so it doesn’t surprise me..

The even better news though was no yaw – the stats show no common sharing of power between pairs (front left + back right) and (front right + back left) which is always the sign of the quad trying to compensate for the yaw.  Whether that’s due to motors, props, or frame fixes, I frankly don’t care!  It now means my future flight diagnostics won’t be swamped by yaw.

The only negative was the the integrated gyro drift caused a diagonal drift landing, and once more, another leg died as it stuck a couple of inches in the mud while the quad drifted on!  I’m more than happy to pay that price!

2 thoughts on “Back on track

    • Been there, done that! My previous style legs had foam balls as feet; these latest ones have built in flexibility. But neither are designed to survive the quad dropping unpowered from 2m+! The new ones are better at it, partially because the ground here is saturated and they simply sink in – and when things go wrong, they are much cheaper to replace! 😉

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