Attempted Murder Suicide

It’s been a bit quiet here for the past few days as I’ve been testing drift control and until yesterday, there wasn’t a lot to report, so I didn’t bother.

Yesterday’s testing seemed to show progress in the right direction – Phoebe sort of held her own against a 20mph tail wind, before tilting into the wind at an increasing angle towards me.  So I called it a day, knowing the problem was with the ‘matrix’ I was using, and set out to find the problem.

So I went out to the park earlier today with a revised version of the matrix to try.  And that’s when it happened – despite the similar 20mph tail wind, she shot up off the ground, and headed straight for me, directly into the wind.  I had to dive off the stool I was on (she just slashed open the sleeve of my down jacket) and having missed me, she smashed herself into the ground, destroying one propeller and having a really good go at chopping several cables, which luckily they were out of reach.

I have no idea what the lesson is from the software / sensors point of view yet, but I have definitely learned Phoebe is a long way from being trustworthy!

P.S. And do you know what’s worse, Phoebe managed to unplug her power supply, meaning no stats were written (they’re stored in shared memory and dumped to file at the end of each run), meaning I’ve got to do the same thing again tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Attempted Murder Suicide

    • Hopefully the first and last time that happens, though I’m still not really sure why it did! I’ve got so used to her being swept away by the tail wind that I’ve sat behind her by no more than a couple of meters – I won’t be doing that again any time soon!

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