As a Father’s Day present from me to me, I’ve just bought a PX4FLOW from ebay.  Reik Hua’s quad can hover until bored or battery discharge with one of these.  Mine’s on a slow-boat from China so could take up to a month to arrive.

When it does, the LEDDAR will go into safe-keeping – not retired, just pending the arrival of its sibling LiDAR Scance Sweep.

Beyond saving me from terminal boredom syndrome (TBS), the PX4FLOW will give me stuff to do over the summer and motivation.  Primarily it gives me  high precision Z axis height and X and Y axis velocities.

So the list of stuff to do for the summer includes

  • Fuse X,Y velocoties with integrated acceleometer velocities from long term low drift hover
  • add distance / direction PIDs with integrated PX4FLOW velocities for X and Y, and it’s build in sonar height for Z axis – this should stop the lurge.
  • get the compass working just for additional yaw stability to start with, though this can obviously be extended to provide orientation.
  • Play with fixed height, horizontal movement flight plans
  • Have a go at flying in circles – requires angle PID to provide a constant port/starboard angle combined with a fore/aft constant velocity


  • get DHCP / udhcp working on latest Jessie Zoe WAP
  • get Wiimote working for crawler robot – this will probably be my test platform for the Scan Sweep

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