A sticky situation

So high is my confidence in Phoebe’s code now that I went looking today for possible hardware problems that could be the cause of her forwards drift.

And I found two!

The first was speculation that Phoebe’s battery bank was only fixed down by rubber bands, and that any jiggling that happened would give asymmetrical acceleration due to spikes when it hit the platform.  A couple of bits of blue-tak fixed that nicely.

And with that, the flight started looking pretty good, to the extent I wanted diagnostics to tune the motion PIDs.  At which point it all went pear-shaped again – this time because the double sided sticky foam attaching Phoebe to her frame didn’t like the cold, damp weather and she broke free!  The resulting crash broke two props, and my stock of spare has depleted severely over the last few days to the extent I’ve had to order replacements for the first time in months!

Live testing will resume tomorrow, but in the meantime, I think I’ll get on with calibrating gravity for Chlöe.

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