Another temperature test

I ran a quick passive exploratory test tonight, again temperature related with the blu-tack installed.  The aim was to understand how much the IMU temperature drift is related to being worked hard, and how much is related to the wind from the props.

I ran a test indoors with no prop power – here’s what I got.  Look at the resolution of the temperature: over an 11 second flight, the temperature range spans 35.79 – 35.93°C, or 0.14°C peak-to-peak which is tiny.  I think I can safely say it’s solely environmental changes (i.e. the breeze front the props) which cause IMU temperature- and therefore sensor drift.

Passive flight temperature change

Passive flight temperature change

I think I need to add some more blu-tack to the underside of the IMU PCB to give it the same breeze resistance the top now has.

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