512MB RAM 32GB SD card Super RPi

This is my second Pi, which arrive a few days ago. Have had a bit of a tussle getting it to work as required, so I thought I’d share the details.

New RPi setup

512MB memory 32GB storage RPi

The Rpi came from Farnell within just over a week from when I ordered it. I bought an empty RPi, as I got lots of bits leftover from setting up the first one.

Here’s how it’s set up.

The fiddly bit (other than gettinig the Edimax to work) was to get the 512MB all in use. Eventually I did using this

  • I flashed the SD card with the latest firmware (2012-09-18-wheezy-raspbian) and Win32DiskImager as per here
  • I booted the RPi and followed the instructions gathered from various forum posts
  • I editied /boot/config.txt to add the gpu_mem_512=128 like (so I have a 384 RAM 128 GPU memory balance)
  • I rebooted and used ‘top’ on the command line to check the available memory showing just under the 384MB I’d put in config.txt.
Now to start playing!!!
P.S. There’s now a new disk image available on the RaspberryPi site meaning you don’t need to go through the kerfaffel above to enable the 512MB memory. ┬áJust go to the main download page.


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